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century melting gold financial services companies is dominated by loans nationwide non-bank financial institutions, asset management is the largest and leading companies in General.

company adhering to "no border service, and no obstacles run" of business concept, active exploration socialist market conditions Xia financial company of development law, according to "financial General Hui, capital people enjoy" of principles, relies on constantly enhanced of knowledge integrated and innovation capacity, and significantly upgrade of assets management capacity, and carefully sound of risk management capacity, for enterprise and customer provides creative of integrated financial solution programme, followed national industry of new oriented, launched covers based facilities construction, and modern manufacturing, and business enterprise , Environmental protection industry, "Agriculture", Western development and cultural industry in various fields, such as financial products, actively serve the real economy, for investors to share the fruits of China's economic development.

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Nanjing century thaw gold financial service company based industry, exploration business innovation, strengthening talent development, perfect governance structure, improved business mechanism, economic steadily growth, To safeguard the best interests of the beneficiary.

forefront of the company's comprehensive strength ranked the national counterparts, and among the best comprehensive indexes in local financial institutions in Jiangsu Province.

looking to the future, century melting gold financial services companies will continue to uphold development as the first priority, customer-oriented, with asset management platform, to risk management for the protection, by means of business innovation, product line the company developed into a rich, wealth management ability, based on Jiangsu and facing the country, health and harmony of the modern financial institutions.