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Investor calls for end to shout out the strongest: P2P when the regulatory framework will be introduced?

frequent media data, warning P2P market risks nearly the end, various media for the Fiery torrent P2P, is a general concern about, especially with the crashing collapse of part of the P2P companies, major media in the end of the year is almost a collective voice, warned, and the current chaos in the P2P market.

on December 14, 2015, Xinhua called P2P issues by the end of the platform significantly increased industry risk articles worthy of investor concerns.

articles focusing on the present risks of P2P companies, through data analysis, provides early warning to investors. Points out that, according to the bank rate network statistics in November, added 82 problem P2P platforms, increased sharply in October from 60.8% per cent, of which total 64 run P2P platform, the chain last month surged by 433%.

the securities daily published an article on December 14, a set of data and provide details of the P2P market: as of November 30, Institute for zero one P2P lending platform for data center monitoring to a total of 3,464 (only on the cable business platform), in which the normal operation only 1876. Also on this day, Nanfang daily published an article by the end of the P2P risks incident to alarm investors, market risk has been noted directly in to the point of must pay attention to.

according to the article data show: November run platform compared to the ratio in October there was a significant increase in the number, reached 77.22% per cent, 61 of 79 issue platform for running platform. Media is not only a frequent warning risks of P2P market with data, and various media have frequently called on regulators to regulate the Internet introduced rules in the financial sector as a whole. Although the industry rumors, P2P or regulatory framework for the formal introduction of time early in the second half of next year, but in late 2015 P2P platform all the chaos that has already occurred, all sectors of society in major media, has made urgent appeals, want regulators to specific regulatory policies against P2P landing as soon as possible, promote the healthy development of the industry.

time, brought together the voices in the media, seems to be the end of the RAM, FORTISSIMO in the financial markets. Internet financial blue book issued warning: P2P lack risk management system, risk larger not only is media in end issued call P2P market regulatory rules as soon as possible introduced of voice, early in this year October, by Zhongguancun Internet financial service platform and Tsinghua University five crossing financial College common released of Internet financial Blue Book: China Internet financial development report (2015) Shang, editor on on P2P market of risk, for has detailed of analysis.

according to the copies blue book displayed, from development stage view, P2P industry experience has 2007-2010 years of industry started period and 2011-2013 of fast development period, from 2014 began whole industry gradually into adjustment buffer period; from financial of category to analysis, P2P does not just simple of Internet technology innovation, for financial,, made has many innovation and contribution, but P2P platform also exists with more of insufficient. The blue book directly, the P2P market risk management system, risk, especially the lack of access to bank loans for small and micro businesses are at greater risk.

Blue book says P2P development in foreign countries can rely on sound social credit system abroad and China's social credit system is yet to be established, P2P lending platform to set up a model of credit was recognized by investors, P2P has greater risks. Blue believes that because of low barriers to entry, the lack of regulations and other reasons, the P2P industry was mixed, fraud, run event occurs frequently. In this regard, the urgent need of the market regulators enact policies as soon as possible, be regulated. Blue book recommendations, belonging to Chinese P2P NET loan finance business, must contain the corresponding risks, appropriate and timely monitoring is necessary for the orderly development of the sector.

years of financial regulation will become in the coming years the Internet, P2P, all raised regulatory, credit and other areas will slowly fall, when P2P industry also will be included in the track of healthy development, while the construction of the credit system takes a long time, but will be gradually established, and promote the development of P2P.