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General Manager of China Merchants securities fixed-charge arrested person to be informed and the stock market has nothing to do

recently, China Merchants securities company limited issued a document shows that on November 25, the original Ma Yilun, General Manager of fixed-income headquarters arrested by judicial authorities, the company decided to give its expelled. China Merchants securities markets Department said in response to media, Ma Yilun is due to alleged violations of State law by the public security organs arrested.  China Merchants securities according to relevant provisions, expelled for it.

Ma Yilun entry China Merchants securities since April 2000, starting in December 2002, has invested in securities, fixed income products, fixed-income, bond sales and trading Department.  Ma Yilun were reasons for arrest of the judiciary, currently unknown.

it is understood that Ma Yilun is the old employees of China Merchants securities, has been working in the company for nearly 15 years.  In 2008, the China Securities times, held outstanding Bank Award, Ma Yilun won bond market "annual most influential sales in capital markets".  

according to material, while China Merchants securities Ma Yilun, head of bond sales and trading, in 2007, the main railway debt underwriting the second part of Zhongguancun, 07, 07 film debt debt 73 Gorge debt co-lead manager, railway bonds in the first period, to overcome the difficulties, get good grades and has been recommended and award-winning.

people close to the China Merchants securities said, Ma Yilun were arrested not associated with the turmoil in the stock market and, not work or duties. The sources, Ma Yilun specific reasons for arrest, from its early in 2009 on the fault, and its people before the collapse of the stock market this year has had an accident, just because the cause of judicial proceedings, was formally arrested last month. Guilty of what happened, the source said police are still investigating.