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United States private equity China 10 times times the size pension investment capital

United States 2,694 assets of nearly $ 10 trillion of private management data shows that domestic private equity funds into private equity funds, private equity funds, venture capital management funds and other funds four categories from Manager number, the number and size of the Fund, mainly dominated by private equity funds and private equity funds. At the end of October 2015, China's Fund Industry Association has registered private equity managers 21,821, 9,632 private equity managers, private-equity managers 10,195, accounted for more than 44% and 46%, respectively.

20,853 filed private equity funds, including private equity funds 12,407, private equity funds, 6,382 accounted for 60% and 30%, respectively. Private equity subscription size of 4.89 trillion yuan (about US $ 770 billion), with private equity fund total 1.9038 trillion yuan, private equity fund total 2.5532 trillion yuan, accounted for more than 39% and 52%, respectively.

further broken down by the size of the Fund, asset size below 2 billion yuan of private-equity managers to 21,388, 2 billion ~50 billion yuan, 260, 5 billion ~100 billion yuan, 88, of more than 10 billion yuan for 85. That is to say, managers of asset size below 2 billion yuan up to 98% per cent. Private equity fund managers are only about half of private equity funds, 1.3 times the total size of the Fund is the latter.

speaking from another angle, a private equity fund worth 400 million Yuan, are 2.6 times of private equity funds, whose single to reach 153 million Yuan. United States private equity Division is more detailed, more kinds. By the end of 2014 IV quarter, SEC statistical assets of more than $ 150 million private equity fund managers a total of 2,694, managing always to reach 9.96 trillion dollars (net worth $ 6.71 trillion total).

a rough estimate, United States private equity assets under management total more than 10 times in China. Among them, the United States hedge fund managers of 1649, 919 private-equity fund managers and other main types of real estate funds, asset securitisation funds liquidity funds, venture capital funds, private equity fund managers. Because the United States can have a wide range of private equity owned by private-equity managers, and according to SEC statistics, respectively reported different categories of private equity fund managers, so the statistics may overlap. However, can still clearly see that United States private sector is dominated by hedge funds and private equity funds. This and similar situations.

there were 24,725 2,694 owned by private-equity managers private equity funds, hedge funds 8,635, net assets total $ 3.399 trillion; 8,407 private equity funds and net assets of $ 1.744 trillion total. Net worth of more than $ 500 million in hedge funds, also known as a qualified hedge fund 2014 IV quarter a total of 525 qualified hedge-fund manager, owns 1541 qualified hedge fund net assets at $ 2.672 trillion total. If you calculate the size of individual private equity funds, the average size of single hedge funds of $ 394 million, the average size of individual private equity funds of $ 207 million, while the average size of qualified hedge fund up to 1.734 billion dollars.

from the above data, although the number of private fund managers than the United States, managing funds equal in volume, asset size is much smaller than the United States. 21,821 private-equity management in our country, about 15,000 zero size of assets under management, about 70%. Asset size to compare United States only the average size of hedge funds for $ 394 million (approximately RMB 2.5 billion), but with a similar type of private equity funds with an average size of 153 million Yuan, only United States 1/16. The average size of private equity funds of RMB 400 million Yuan, United States similar average fund size of US $ 207 million (about 1.3 billion yuan), is a former 3 times more than doubled.