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Ten found in household wealth in China: return on investment as the second largest source of income for

China has become the world's second-largest economy, family wealth ranks second in the world, wealth ranking first in the world population. In order to know the status of family wealth management market in China, jointly launched the first financial and the deer the fiscal line "wealth management Research Center (W-Lab)", launched the Chinese urban household wealth management report: status and trends. Through research and analysis, reached the following main conclusions.

1. the majority of the people have accepted the concept of integrated financial, planned resident portfolio more diversified comprehensive financial planning residents interviewed have residents accounted for 34%, with the 52% of integrated financial planning of future residents, has 86% residents to accept the concept of integrated planning.

have accepted comprehensive financial planning income is relatively high, relatively diversified source of wealth, preferring long-term assets, greater ability to accept risk, and in the recent comprehensive financial planning more than high yield.

2. has become the mainstream of financial investment, return on investment as the second largest source of income salary is currently the main source of household income, followed by the financial return on investment. In recent years, the self-employed and small something more and more people, business and dividend thus became the third largest source of income after the financial return on investment.

3. the income gap between the male appetite for risk was significantly higher than women, says a study over 70% women earning less than 300,000 yuan, income levels than men. Survey results show that more men than women are willing to increase investment in riskier assets share of research see the income gap is an important reason for the male appetite for risk than women.

4. high income families are performing better, it will increase household wealth gap between families with annual incomes over 1 million yuan in the first half of the year made higher-yielding (above 10%) higher percentage and deficit is well below the proportion of families with annual incomes below 300,000, this may be easier for them to receive professional investment services.

5. wealth is invested in banking most wealth is the primary purpose of urban finance and investment, asset recovery, children education, retirement and protect medical breakdown of the 2nd to 5th place.