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P2P depository bank signed a few billions of funds to ensure

ten ministries issued on July 18 for Internet financial guidance (hereinafter referred to as the guidelines) for almost 5 months, P2P networks and loan industry, in the guidance, net lending platform direct funds depository agreements with the Bank has been specified, has also become a future regulatory framework for the boots after landing platform compliance standard. Since then, although a number of banks and online lending platform "ready", but there are many practical obstacles, platform a handful of successful signing.

according to incomplete statistics of net loans, as of December 14, 2015, only more than more than 50 platform funds depository agreements with the Bank. At the end of November, 3,769 number P2P networks today loan industry platform, including 2,612 running platform, which agency the success rate was approximately 1.9%. Meanwhile, the end of November, net lending industry turnover reached 133.124 billion yuan, about 4.2 times the 2014 31.324 billion yuan over the same period.

funds deposit standardized ten ministries of the 14th article of the guidance the P2P platform client funds third-party depository system, "unless otherwise specified, working bodies shall select eligible banking institutions as funds depository institutions, management and monitoring of customer funds, achievement of client funds and institutions own funds ratio management practitioners. "

this provision, capital Bank depository to become formalized one of the symbols of the P2P platform. In fact, as early as before the release of the guidance, P2P and many third-party custody of funds. Net lending data show, more than more than 2000 online lending platform, has custody of funds/hosting platform is approximately 550, accounted for more than 20%. However, most of the platform with third party payment institutions, very few are working with the banks.

reporter carded the first financial daily found that earlier establishment of investor's weak real-name electronic accounts, in a point-to-point manner involved in P2P money depository bank. As early as February 10, 2015, Minsheng Bank announced the release of "network trading platform funds managed systems", including the block box, all four family P2P loans became one of the first platform. It is understood that up to now, the China Construction Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank, Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank more than 20 banks launch platform for P2P funding cooperation business.

However, due to the different strategy for banks, attitudes toward this business are not the same, so the differences in the specific ways of cooperation, some banks are still weak managed way, there are some strong managed system is tailored for P2P platform, and therefore invested considerable human and financial resources.

the first newspaper reporter was informed that Guangdong Development Bank is currently interested in strong from weak host model to managed mode, to better ensure the investor's money was safe, and tailored for P2P platform funds depository system. In addition, the ICBC also said ongoing studies depository for P2P funding, sharing custody of the cake.