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2015 six credit card fraud patterns

2015 six credit card fraud patterns

as the new year approaches, people's lives will usher in a wave of peak consumption, followed by lawless elements are eyeing this particular timing of implementation of credit card fraud.  In this regard, bank credit card expert summarizes 2015 on some of the fraudulent credit cards to remind everyone in the upcoming year-end holiday shopping rush, must be vigilant.

first trick: turned into a bank official number + fake base station, sending fishing Web site

experts point out that fraud through mobile phones and mobile Internet, using base stations sending "fake bank official number + fishing Web site" text messages still account for a large proportion. For example Ms Rosanna WONG has received in the "95xxx" from "points for gifts" theme, briefly, text messaging is "xxxxx landing sites can be activated to receive gifts", signed "XYZ banks".  But Wang found a website asks for his ID card number, credit card number and password, suspect this is a phishing link, did not continue.  Bank credit card experts, who are similarly hard to distinguish between the true and the false, may be directed to the relevant bank credit card to verify the official hotline.

second deception: pretending to be a shop customer service "refund" sent fishing Web site

fraudsters are using the consumer's true shopping information, acting as a shop customer service call our customer, claiming that product out of stock, customers need to provide information such as credit card number, expiry date and CVV2 codes "refund", then lures consumers into a phishing site fill in the above information.  Once consumers fall for leaking information, the credit card is likely to be fraudulent.  

according to experts, some criminals find a regular trick no longer works, they will pretend to be old classmates, fellow a fake photo album, even posing as "Mistress" by dared to trick users to click on links, the essence of fraud continues to be fishing Web site.

third con: micro-micro-interaction page, the letter letter "red envelopes" in line fishing Web site

a lot of criminals in the app interface embedded in phishing Web sites, users click on links at the same time, its related personal information was stolen.  For example, Ms Wu had readily transmitted micro-groups a wish page and fill out the personal information, but frequently receive credit card SMS, thanks to contact the Bank to freeze the card, to avoid bigger losses.

in addition, micro red envelope was misused by many, who lurks in the larger micro-segments, through the distribution of embedding a phishing site red envelope, to steal the user's information. Experts caution that consumers should not covet small gains, or because the familiar click on unknown links to background and "red envelopes".