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The new ban had become one of the main business

The new ban had become one of the main business

with the rapid expansion of new third market, which is very important in the brokerage business, the future will be the new ban related recommendation, municipalities and research collections at the establishment level will become the choice of brokers.

Beijing before the new ban expanded to the entire country, ban-related business in the vast majority of brokerage business, and the new system is not regarded, like chicken. But as companies sold the blowout IPO intermittent shut down, new third component of business is increasingly important for securities firms, raising market breakthrough of billions more by 2015 is now to face new ban business for a reason.

Meanwhile, regulators also in 2014 and 2015 on securities institutions was unveiled in the national unit to system-related operations of the notification on the relevant issues (hereinafter "the notice"), the China Securities Regulatory Commission on further promoting the development of national SME share transfer system of opinions (hereinafter "opinion") two documents encourage brokerages face new ban business.

"the new ban in the past two years by leaps and bounds, the brokerage came in force in this area. "Shen Hong Yuan said a person in the market sector. 21st century business Herald reporter also found that some brokers and over the next few years on new ban related business to set up a Department.

new Board had become one of the main business as of December 16, share transfer system for SMEs in the country (the "shares") companies listed there were 4,794, including 3,222 listed landing new board this year. Currently available featured listing qualification of brokerage shares system, 90, equivalent to average counseling of each institution listed 35 companies this year.

statistics released by the transfer in accordance with the unit system, as at December 16 this year, recommending listed companies the top 10 securities firms this year coaching nearly more than 100 the number of listed company. In fact, 3,222 companies listed for such great work will continue in the coming years, which means that brokers in this bonus will last for a very long time.